Although we did not get as far into the project as I had hoped, we at least finished the basic foundation.  Students in grades 1-4 made line drawings in Tux Paint of their own, original monsters.  Since I don’t have a color printer for them to use, they printed and colored in the line drawings on their own.  Then, students used word processing software to type a description of their monsters.

The students really enjoyed making their monsters, and even more, getting a look at what everyone else had done.

I had hoped to do more, but school has ended.  Instead I will mention the further scope of the project as possible extentions:

Reading/writing: Students type a detailed set of directions for drawing the monster in Tux Paint.  Then, students exchange directions and try to recreate each other’s monsters.

Digital communication: Similar to above, students use some form of digital communication (voice, video or text chat) to give detailed directions while the other student follows them in Tux Paint, with the goal of recreating the monster.

Even more:  Guide the students in signing up for Moshi Monsters where students can apply knowledge of digital citizenship and etiquette as they navigate their adopted monsters in a well-monitored virtual world.

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