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The kids really liked tweaking photos and video footage in iMovie projects last year, so I thought they might like to really get down to business with image manipulation.  I guess I was right.  Today, when I was presenting the basic interface to a class of sixth graders as we went over the important vocabulary […]


…Or “Why it’s hard to do research projects with your computer classes.” This has become the project that never ends.  It will end, of course, it has to.  These will be our spring exhibition projects.  Seeing the kids once a week to work on their projects is…disjointed.  I think that’s the problem.  Also, doing a […]


I discovered this site a while ago, and had only mentioned to our CLUE teachers as I thought this would be a great addition to one of their annual projects.  Today, during Wanda Woodruff‘s podcasting session at Tech Camp, I thought about this great website again. is a site for students to view virtual […]

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Although we did not get as far into the project as I had hoped, we at least finished the basic foundation.  Students in grades 1-4 made line drawings in Tux Paint of their own, original monsters.  Since I don’t have a color printer for them to use, they printed and colored in the line drawings […]

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Our art teacher, Martha Berge collaborated with third grade teacher Debra Johnson recently for the exhibition.  The basic idea of the project was to take “garbage” and essentially recycle it into art.  This involved a lot of learning in both art and science, and part of the project also included writing poems about the art. […]