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What do we do when our eight-year-old knows more than we do about cyberspace? How do we guide our children safely through this new world? How do we set the rules when we don’t even understand the risks? The childproof locks, seatbelts and helmets we use to help keep them safe in everyday life won’t protect them in cyberspace. There we need new and different gadgets and safety tips.

Welcome to the new world of parenting online! It’s your newest challenge. But don’t worry…it’s not as hard as you think and it’s well worth the effort. Read more Online Parenting from WiredKids

Keeping kids safe online is a challenge to parents and teachers, but it is well worth the effort. The internet is irresistible to children, but it also helps broaden their ability to access, evaluate, and use information from a variety of sources for a variety of intended purposes. This is also known as Information Literacy.

Here are some more resources for parents that assist with tips and tools for safe travel on the internet:

Parents Home at This site provides a safety guide, resources, and more.

Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning from the American Library Association

A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety from the FBI

Kid’s Rules for Online Safety from

There is also a set of videos that might be useful for parents presented by Dr. Sharon on

Dr. Sharon Video Archive

Web Browsers Made for Kid Safety

Parents, this is a program I found that is a kid’s browser with access to over 600,000 websites, pictures and videos reviewed by teachers and parents. As a parent, you receive weekly e-mails that will keep you up-to-date with what your kids are searching for and looking at on KidZui.

This program is available free for download, but a paid membership is available for upgrading available features.

If you’re looking for a web browser that interests younger children, it seems like they would be happy using KidZui and not trying to circumvent parental controls. In any case, it might be worth a look.


Other well-known kid’s browsers:


Buddy Browser


Looking for more safe programs or online activities for your children? Occasionally, I update my blog with ideas for parents.

These are usually quality online communities, programs, or free downloads that I have tried or looked into and I believe to be of good quality (meaning, it’s fun but kids learn something, too). You can find a list of my blog entries on these resources by clicking on the “Parent Ideas” category on the left of the blog.

Family Resources

Family Photographs:
Free photograph editing and online web album storage is available from Google in a program called Picasa.

Would you like a free program that allows you upload your photos and some music, and a little while later have a music video of your photos created without any more effort? Try Animoto.

Add voice comments to special photos and home videos and store them online, where family members from anywhere can add their own voice comments as well with Voice Thread.

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